WB-1: Conclusion of the 1st Summer School about Natural Hazard Management


Webinars in the form of online meetings will be encapsulated at the last day of each Summer School. Their interactivity will be utilized to conclude the SS and provide the opportunity to non-attendants to get information about the content.

WB-2: Conclusion of the 2nd Summer School about Risk Assessment Methods


SUMMER SCHOOL 2023, scheduled from 26th May to 1st June at the Classic Hotel in Lefkosia, is an intensive learning experience focused on the ISTOS Project, its objectives, and its progressive work. The event kicks off with an overview of the project followed by an introduction to the ISTOS survey form, which emphasizes the structural and typological elements of ordinary buildings. A major portion of the summer school involves hands-on survey activities where participants, both with and without teacher assistance, engage in real-time data collection and assessment. As the days progress, participants delve deeper, developing exposure models from their survey findings and comparing them with existing models. Moreover, they engage in seismic risk analysis, making use of cutting-edge tools such as ESRM20 and OpenQuake-Engine, and culminating in the creation of seismic risk maps using QGIS. The program also encourages interaction with stakeholders, facilitating an 'Info day' to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Another highlight is the field visit to an area featuring refugee buildings, exclusive to ISTOS partners. The concluding day witnesses a series of presentations, shared via a webinar, wrapping up with a round table discussion and formal closure of the summer school. Throughout these five days, attendees are also given ample breaks, ensuring a balance between rigorous learning and rejuvenation.
In this video, experience highlights from the concluding day of our summer school, where we unveil the pinnacle of our intensive studies: the final presentation of two risk assessment methods applied to real-world data. Witness how these methods were implemented on the buildings we surveyed in the field at Agios Dometios, Nicosia. Dive in to discover the synergy of theory and practical application!

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