Newsletter #6

Newsletter #6 Throughout the last year, numerous activities were undertaken by the ISTOS project team. Papers were presented at various conferences, reflecting the hard work and research done by the team. In addition, articles were penned and then published in several reputable journals, showcasing our consistent academic contribution. A significant event was the organization and hosting of our second summer school. It saw a notable turnout, offering both attendees and our team valuable learning and networking experiences. Moreover, the Researchers' Night in Nicosia was another platform where our involvement was evident. Through all these engagements, the ISTOS project not only enhanced its visibility but also strengthened its ties with the broader research and academic community.

Newsletter #6 The last months have been particularly productive for the ISTOS project. At the end of September the first summer school was successfully completed. All participants had the opportunity to learn from the experts in the sector on topics related to the project. At the same time, an on-site inspection in different areas of Limassol was carried out in the form of a workshop. In the following months, the partners worked together to write papers which is in the process of being published. Another, happy news for ISTOS is the new updated and modern website which will host the project from now on.

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