ISTOS Conference


ISTOS Conference On February 8, 2024, Frederick University in Nicosia played host to the highly successful ISTOS closing conference, meticulously organized by the esteemed Frederick Research Center (FRC). This pivotal event served as a convergence point for eminent figures and experts hailing from Cyprus and beyond, all deeply immersed in the realms of seismic engineering, natural disasters, and the fortification of urban infrastructures.

The conference proved to be an invaluable platform, fostering an enriching exchange of insights and ideas amongst academics, researchers, and government officials within the broader sector. Alongside enlightening presentations delivered by distinguished speakers, the meticulously curated program facilitated numerous opportunities for networking and the forging of collaborative endeavours amongst attendees and various research groups.

Kyriakou Matsi Str., Pallouriotissa, 1035, Nicosia
First floor
“The ISTOS project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (WIDESPREAD-TWINNING) under grant agreement No. 952300”

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