Frederick Research Centre is proud to announce that it has received a €900,000 grant under the call H2020- WIDESPREAD-05-2020 – Twinning, which promotes institutional networking and research collaboration in Europe.
This grant is one of only two that have been recently awarded to Cyprus entities. The successful proposal, ISTOS (Centre of Innovative Solutions for Building Safety), was selected from a total of 439 proposals that were submitted in this highly competitive programme, which is part of Horizon 2020, Europe’s most ambitious programme on research and innovation.
ISTOS is to be launched in November 2020 and is coordinated by Dr Petros Christou. The project seeks to strengthen the field of civil engineering research in Cyprus, through a high-level collaboration that will work towards understanding natural disasters, assessing the vulnerability of communities and thus leading to achievement of enhanced post-disaster management results.
According to Christou, “Europe is experiencing an increasing number of disasters due to natural hazards, such as earthquakes, floods and storms. Actions and proactive measures can reduce the economic impact of a hazardous event. Within this context, we seek to understand the main stages of a disaster and take measures to lower their negative impact..”
ISTOS aims at establishing a strong collaboration between Research Centre, the Cyprus University of Technology and their leading counterparts in Europe to strengthen the field of civil engineering research.